How We Help

First, take the survey.  It is a series of questions that allows our mountain guides to learn a little more about what you are looking for.  It might also help you think through the options available in the mountains and learn a little about what is truly important.  Upon completion of the survey, a BRC mountain guide will contact you via phone or email to provide you information on the communities that meet your criteria.  Once you have determined a short list of communities that fulfill your criteria for a North Carolina Mountain Community, your mountain guide will work to find a convenient time to come to the NC mountains and take a look.  The best part about it all is our guides have arranged for accommodations in the mountains at various communities.  In many cases, clients are reluctant to take advance of “Discovery Packages” or on site arrangements as they are fearful that they will be over-sold when trapped in a community.  With a BRC guide, this will not be the case as the independent guide will be your only contact during your stay in the mountains other than a brief property presentation at each community. So take your survey now.

Use our Community Search tool to identify specific communities that appear interesting based on location, amenities and price point.  You can gain information on each community on this site, view a digital brochure in many cases and request a site plan, pricing and formal brochure.  Upon receipt of this information, you can contact a BRC guide to schedule a time to come see for yourself.  Again, make a weekend out of it and take advantage of our accommodations to get a real feel for the mountains and the community.

Subscribe to our E-newsletter.  This is a monthly publication that provides useful information on the mountain region of North Carolina. It also provides information on specific events and current incentives being offered by our communities.  Information is power, subscribe now.

BRC provides the most objective, credible data on your search in the mountains.  We will tell you the facts, not what you want to hear.  We are not selling you on any one community but educating you on what the North Carolina mountains have to offer and once you decide on what makes sense for you, how to get the best deal available.

Buying NC Mountain Property

There is something for everyone and there are a number of alternatives.  Educate yourself and shop around. 

Avoid common mistakes:
1) Just because it says foreclosure or short sale does not mean it is a good deal. 
2) Avoid the weekend events that you receive a mailer on that advertise “to good to be true” pricing. We have found that developments that use this marketing strategy are looking to get in and get out and leave their Buyers holding the mess they have created. 
3) Seek relative value. There are many developments that are cheap but they will always be cheap because they are largely appealing to a cheap buyer, will be under-maintained and do not have broad appeal to a large part of the future market.  There is relative value at every price point

You will know it when you see it.  Look at a number of places before making a decision.  Each community is different. Each community has it’s own personality.  Ask about the other owners.  Meet owners if possible.  Diversity is great but make sure the personality of the community is the right fit for you.

Let us help!  There are hundreds of communities in the NC Mountains. That said, there are probably only a handful that are exactly what you are looking for.  Let a BRC guide save you a tremendous amount of time and money to help you narrow your focus and when the time is right, negotiate the best deal possible.

Buying Tips

  • Qualify the financial strength of the developer.
  • Avoid weekend event sales.
  • Just because it says foreclosure or short sale does not mean it is a great deal.
  • Talk to existing owners before buying.
  • Know recent comparable sales before making and offer.
  • Everything is negotiable in this market.
  • Avoid projects which have made special owner assessments in the last two years.
  • Avoid projects which substantial monthly/annual fees.
  • Avoid golf communities where the HOA owns and manages the golf course.

Based on our experiences, we could list 100 Buyer Tips, just give us a call to start your research, 888-726-8362.